Bachelor in English

  • Mission Statement

    The Department of English and Humanities at ULAB is a forward-looking and globally connected academic platform offering both BA in English and MA in English degrees. In recent years, DEH has established its niche as the most ‘happening’ place for international and national academic and cultural activities.
    The Department is designed to give students a solid foundation for building critical and cultural awareness as well as to open unfamiliar worlds and exciting new ways of thinking about humanities. As an English Major, students will also learn communication and language skills that are applicable across disciplines. The focus areas involve: critical reading, critical writing and critical thinking. The department tries to develop in students not only basic communication skills in the lingua franca of the world, but also in other key areas necessary both to intellectual and professional advancement: humanistic content, analysis, argumentation, rhetoric, stylistics and so on. These broad offerings to all students make the department one of the major nodal points in the University’s Liberal Arts curriculum.

    The Department’s courses are not confined to traditional disciplinary boundaries, but are open to inter- and cross-disciplinary offerings. This dynamic approach allows students to develop skills and sensibilities vitally required by modern English language and literature teachers and by people across professional fields: communications and media, business and marketing, and so on.

    The Department of English and Humanities (DEH) is committed in its holistic vision to impart an education to students which combines language skills with literary sensibilities so that graduates become competent and responsible citizens of the world.

  • Graduation Requirements
    Total course requirements for degree program are as follows:
    Core 26 courses (78 credits)
    General Education 08 courses (24 credits)
    Minor/Optional 05 courses (15 credits)
    Dissertation/Internship/Project/non-thesis 01 course (03 credits)
    Total 40 courses (120 credits)

    Notes: All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise indicated.