DEH Student Workshop: Presentation Skills

DEH Student Workshop: Presentation Skills

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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The Department of English and Humanities at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh conducted a session on "Presentation Skills'' on September 13, 2022. Dr. Tabassum Zaman, Associate Professor and Coordinator, MA in English Program at DEH, facilitated the discussion to educate DEH's Summer 2022 thesis, internship, and non-thesis students to get a succinct idea about the accepted approach and standards for presentations as it is one of the most important skills anyone needs to practice when they speak in public or for a career at some point in their lives.

Dr. Zaman talked about the three key components of presentations: verbal, visual, and narrative messages. She further provided a more thorough analysis of these three aspects. Dr. Zaman discussed PowerPoint slides and various presentation formats, such as "Pecha Kucha," a technique in which 20 slideshows or visuals are used and shown for 20 seconds each. The presenter would speak normally as the slides proceed. This design guarantees that the speaker is brief, maintains the flow of the presentation, and covers all of their information. The facilitator then went over all of the tips and pointers for giving a successful presentation, conveying in a clear, dynamic, and positive way what the candidates can deliver with the correct postures and gestures in professional settings. 

The workshop came to a close with an engaging question-and-answer session in which the facilitator shared her insightful thoughts on the concerns and questions brought up by the students. 

This workshop is part of the series of mandatory workshops designed especially for students of ENG413/498/499 each term.

Report by Kazi Afia Tasnim (172013042)