BA in English Scholars Program

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The Department of English and Humanities launched its Scholars Program of Spring 2024.

Mission of the Scholars Program

The Scholars Program is designed to provide a platform for those high-achieving students who strive for academic excellence and are ready to explore extensive educational opportunities not covered by the standard curriculum.


The objective of the program is to make our students achieve the following:  

  • develop a broad understanding of Liberal Arts by engaging with related disciplines such as history, philosophy, social sciences, business, and environmental studies.
  • become a part of a broader intellectual community through intellectual exchange and participation.
  • learn how to work with professionals in different capacities and fields so a practical understanding of the job market can be attained.
  • learn to work collaboratively with members of the campus and surrounding communities so their community engagement increases.
  • create a large network of learners so that the students who wish to achieve high academic success can draw upon the resources of collaborative work.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Students must have completed at least 66 credits
  • a CGPA of 3.7 and above
  • excellent reading and writing skills

To remain eligible for the Scholars Program, enrolled students MUST maintain a GPA of 3.7 each term.


The Scholars Program curriculum is designed to supplement the traditional English Department curriculaa. Its main features include:

  • upper-level courses (with Grad students)
  • independent study courses (on specific topics/ methods/ authors/genres/historical periods, etc.)
  • MA Course Audit
  • special section for scholar students in the Higher Elective course
  • mentoring sessions with a designated faculty member/expert
  • specially designed workshops
  • visit to a regional university/ publishing industry/ community
  • completion of a research/creative project
  • completion of a Coursera course from the list of recommended courses from the Scholars Program Committee.

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Benefits of the Program

  • able to prepare a conference proposal, write a paper and present
  • new projects through which linkage will increase
  • acquire additional academic skills
  • additional work skills to pursue academic/non-academic career
  • opportunity to become Teaching Assistant at DEH or department mentors

Students will register for their courses according to their regular program requirements. Scholar students will be specially denoted so that course instructors may provide them with extra, higher level assignments and projects to comply with the Scholars Program requirements. Enrollment in this program is free. There are no extra fees associated with it. Orientation for the Scholars Program will involve plenary sessions to ensure smooth transit of the honors students into the program. Transcripts will denote the Scholar status of the students in this program.

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Scholars Program Advisor:

Md. Mahadhi Hasan, PhD, Assistant Professor, DEH

Committee Members:

Al Mahmud Rumman, Senior Lecturer, DEH
Sheikh Nahiyan, Lecturer, DEH

For inquiries, email [email protected].

Call for Spring 2024 applications now open.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for the Scholars Program?
Students from Term 7 to Term 11 with a CGPA of 3.7 can apply.
Would the Scholar students be required to take extra courses/credits?
Selected students are not required to do extra courses or credits. They will register for their regular prescribed courses, BUT special assignments/projects/research papers will be assigned to the Scholar students to meet the requirements of this program.
Students, however, will be required to enroll in and complete a course from Coursera to be chosen from the list provided by the Scholars Program Advisor. If students wish to take a course other than the ones on the list, they may do so after consulting with the Advisor.

Are there any extra fees?
No. Extra fees are NOT required because Scholar students will register for their regular courses.
For application to the Scholars Program, does the required writing sample need to be a conference or journal paper?
The writing sample can be a working paper/mini research paper/conference paper with clear research framework. Translations/newspaper articles are not acceptable. Applicants may submit a previously completed course assignment if it has a clear research framework.
What is the duration of the program?
Students’ Scholar status will depend on their Term GPA and will be reviewed each term. Once enrolled, students must maintain a 3.7 GPA each term to stay in the Program.
Do Scholar students have a special advisor?
Yes. Scholar students will be mentored by the Scholars Program Advisor. Course instructors will provide separate assignments/readings to the students.
Will the Scholar students’ assessments be different from other students in the course?
Yes. Assessment type and criteria will differ and be more advanced. However, the total weight of all course assessments will be 100.
Will Scholar students be specially identified everywhere?
Yes. Scholar students will be marked out in attendance sheets for the course instructor’s convenience. Students who remain in the Scholars Program till their graduation will receive transcripts that mention their Scholars Program status.