DEH Student Workshop: Job Search and Networking

DEH Student Workshop: Job Search and Networking

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Thursday, November 24, 2022

On November 24, 2022, the Department of English and Humanities at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh organized a workshop on “Job Search and Networking” for the students of ENG 413, ENG498, and ENG 499. This workshop was facilitated by the Head of the Department and Associate Professor, Ms. Arifa Ghani Rahman.

The workshop was conducted to give students an idea of things to keep in mind while applying for a job and creating a network. Ms. Rahman began the workshop with the importance of knowing one’s worth and then choosing the field within the vast job market. She added that it is important to remember that the search should consider the set of skills required, candidate’s interest in the field, and the candidate’s ideal or dream job.

The first step, of course, should be to believe in oneself. It is imperative, too, to create an updated CV, a professional email account with a proper and valid full name. Linking to that, building a network is also important for individuals, and social networking sites can offer opportunities for networking. Facebook groups, pages, LinkedIn profiles, for instance, can be good resources. If social media outlets are used for networking, it is important to keep the profile professional with as many relevant details as possible about one’s experience. The profile must be updated and active. The profile should look professional with pictures that define the personality of the individual. Ms. Rahman also added that showing achievements is very important and that must be highlighted no matter how small the achievements are. Furthermore, all skills must be practiced on a regular basis. Networking can happen through LinkedIn,, etc.

When an individual is ready to apply for a job, they must use the preferred mode of the potential employer to submit their application. For example, if an organization asks candidates to apply through email, which is the only way the application should be sent. In addition, applying within the deadline is a must.

Some ethical policies should also be kept in mind. If one receives a job offer after joining another organization, it is important to respond to the offer with a polite email, explaining the situation while also stating that should the chance arise, the candidate would be interested to work with them in the future. This will help to create a positive impression on the organization. A formal thank you email also goes a long way in creating a good impression, regardless of whether the interview results in a job offer or not. Once an offer is received, the negotiation process can be tricky. However, if asked about salary, it is wise not to mention any specific figure.

Regarding networking, the facilitator advised students to put themselves out of their comfort zone, especially if they are introverts. Club activities, volunteering, and participating in any event can be great ways to build a network and make an impression on people. This can sometimes lead to job offers.

With this note, the workshop facilitator, Ms. Arifa Ghani Rahman concluded and asked the students not to let the organization give any scope to reject them. The session ended with a question and answer session.

This workshop is part of a series of workshops designed specifically for the final term students to train and equip them with skills and knowledge for their professional life or higher studies abroad.

Report by Sadia Mukarrama (1913002)