DEH Student Workshop: Writing Statements of Purpose

DEH Student Workshop: Writing Statements of Purpose

Publish Date: 
Saturday, December 10, 2022

The Department of English and Humanities at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) arranged an online workshop on “Writing Statements of Purpose” for the students interested in studying abroad. The speaker, Ms. Qazi Mustabeen Noor, is a former DEH Lecturer, currently pursuing her PhD at Queen’s University, Canada.

Ms. Noor began the workshop by explaining what a Statement of Purpose (SOP) is. She shared that it is basically an essay that conveys one’s determination and intention of wanting to join a specific university or department. What the universities want in an SOP is the evidence of a student’s genuine interest in the subject they chose and the evidence to do well in it.

Ms. Noor went on to explain how to write the essay, dividing it into six paragraphs, explaining each in great detail. She shared her own SOP which she had written before having any deep knowledge on the matter. It contained personal information that showed her resilience, interest, and enthusiasm. It gave the students an idea about how to write theirs. 

During the session, Ms. Noor also answered students’ questions while also giving advice and suggestions. Later, she shared some key points that must be addressed to make the SOP strong and convincing. The format and style of the essay was also mentioned, specifying the word limit, font, etc. She also pointed out the dos and don’ts of writing an SOP, elaborating on each point in detail.

At the end of the session, during the Q & A, Ms. Noor answered further questions, providing additional advice and insight based on her knowledge and experience. She also asked the students individually about their plan, providing tips and encouragement to pursue their dreams regardless of what others may suggest. The session ended with a vote of thanks by the host Ms. Nadia Rahman, Assistant Professor, DEH.

Report by Abu Shahed (222013028)