DEH Student Workshop: Presentation Skills

DEH Student Workshop: Presentation Skills

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Thursday, December 15, 2022

The Department of English and Humanities at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) held a workshop on “Presentation Skills” to aid the students to overcome their shortcomings and become better presenters. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Nadia Rahman, Assistant Professor, DEH, on December 15, 2022 where she shared her knowledge and experience about presentation skills with the final term students. This workshop is one in the series of workshops organized especially for the final term students to prepare them for the job market and higher studies abroad.

Ms. Rahman started the workshop by asking the students to identify their weaknesses regarding presentations, giving solutions and methods to overcome them in the process. She gave them various pieces of advice like having a calm mindset and practicing a lot on the presentation. Since the main objective of a presentation is to convey a message, she talked about 3 different methods, giving advice on how to transmit a strong message through physical gestures, visuals, and stories. She also mentioned a four step process of giving a successful presentation. Termed 4P’s, she introduced them as 1.Planning, 2.Preparation, 3.Practicing and 4.Performing.

Ms. Rahman shared 2 sample presentation slides for the students, explaining each slide in great detail. She also emphasized on being thoroughly prepared for the presentation; being present ahead of time at the venue; bringing presentation materials with backup; and being formally dressed. The most interesting detail to note is that Ms. Rahman herself was giving a beautiful presentation herself, demonstrating a well-structured presentation for the students.

The students were very proactive and engaged throughout the workshop, asking many questions and clearing their doubts. Ms. Rahman responded to their inquiries with additional tips of her own. At the end of the workshop, she restated some of the important topics and advice, encouraging the students to be confident and give their very best in their presentations.

Reported by Abu Shahed (222013028)