DEH Student Workshop: Writing CVs and Cover Letters

DEH Student Workshop: Writing CVs and Cover Letters

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Thursday, July 27, 2023
Department of English & Humanities (DEH)

On July 27, 2023, the Department of English and Humanities at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh hosted a virtual workshop titled "Writing CVs and Cover Letters." The workshop catered to students completing their finals in courses ENG 498, ENG 499, and ENG 413, aimed at equipping them for future endeavors. Conducted by ULAB alumnus, Nakib A. Zia, currently serving as a Senior Officer at the Graduate Program Office at ULAB, the session's primary objective was to assist students in crafting effective CVs and cover letters - crucial materials for pursuing further studies or job opportunities.

Participants were enlightened about the significance of tailored CVs and cover letters during the workshop's commencement. Mr. Zia emphasized that different areas demand distinct CVs, highlighting specific skills relevant to the chosen path. The workshop sought to ensure that students left with a draft of their CVs and cover letters.

To guide students, Mr. Zia emphasized the importance of conciseness in CV writing. Rather than including an excessive amount of information, he advised focusing on relevant experiences and skills essential for the next career step. He shared his own resume as an example and provided do's and don'ts to enhance CV quality. Key sections such as the profile, education, experiences, and contact details were also discussed.

Moving on to cover letters, Mr. Zia compared them to business proposals and offered multiple pointers for crafting successful ones. Encouraging creativity, he suggested that applicants go beyond summarizing their CV content when applying for jobs requiring both documents. Cover letters, according to him, should highlight unique attributes not mentioned in the CV and be customized for each application. Students were shown Mr. Zia's own cover letter, emphasizing its vital role.

The workshop concluded with an interactive question and answer session, during which students had the opportunity to share their CVs for review by Mr. Zia. The event proved to be a success, empowering participants with valuable insights to shape their professional journeys.


Report written by Amina (193013022)