DEH Student Workshop: Interview Skills

DEH Student Workshop: Interview Skills

Publish Date: 
Thursday, August 17, 2023
Department of English & Humanities (DEH)

On August 17, 2023, the Department of English and Humanities at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh organized a workshop titled “Interview Skills” to help students feel confident and make the right preparations to face interviews. Nadia Rahman, Assistant Professor of DEH, conducted the workshop and spoke about her experience with interviews.

Ms. Rahman started the workshop by asking students to deliver their idea of what interview skills are and why they are necessary. From there, she underlined the importance of going for an interview with confidence and preparedness because the interview is to evaluate what the applicants have to offer and prove themselves. Ms. Rahman emphasized instant action to show enthusiasm, proactiveness and smartness to impress the interviewer. She advised students to be prepared after applying in places, such as receiving calls from unknown numbers and checking emails frequently. Ms. Rahman asked further questions to the students, after which they were provided with pointers on how they can precisely and successfully handle the situation.

Ms. Rahman next mentioned that one of the key points to take note of is doing a thorough background study of the institution or company. Following that, making the right preparations based on their requirements, which might differ from company to company. The facilitator provided pointers on how to prepare for the important day, such as ensuring timely arrival, relaxing their nerves and preparing to tackle the interview. She also provided tips on presenting themselves in front of the interviewers, such as being mindful of their body language, knowing the appropriate formal wear and carrying very little items so as not to appear clumsy. Since the interview is taken to learn more about the applicant, they must generate interest among the interviewers by passionately talking about their acquired skills, their aspiration and goals, leaving their personal stories and information out unless they are asked. Ms. Rahman warned the students to be careful about mentioning information that might give away their weaknesses.

Another piece of advice the workshop addressed was the knowledge of culture when preparing for interviews. Ms. Rahman provided tips for engaging in Cultural Exchange Programs and participating in cultural events because doing so demonstrates awareness of one’s own culture as well as that of others.

The workshop continued to discuss areas of common mistakes and provided additional tips to deal with unfamiliar questions. It concluded with a lively discussion where Ms. Rahman motivated the students to be confident and offered further advice in response to their questions and concerns.

Report by Amina (193013022)