DEH Scholars Program Orientation: Spring 2024

DEH Scholars Program Orientation: Spring 2024

Publish Date: 
Saturday, January 13, 2024
Department of English & Humanities (DEH), Bachelor of Arts in English

The Spring 2024 orientation for the BA in English Scholars Program was held on January 13, 2024. The program's mission of academic excellence was shared with the existing and new students in the program. Students in the Scholars Program are high achievers who seek knowledge through various educational opportunities. The event marked the start of a collective journey, uniting students in their pursuit of success.

Dr. Md. Mahadhi Hasan, the Scholars Program Advisor and Assistant Professor at DEH spearheaded the orientation, acquainting newly selected students with the intricacies of the program. Emphasizing the ethos of high achievement, Dr. Hasan urged the students of the Scholars Program to embrace opportunities positively for personal development. The orientation also introduced committee members Al Mahmud Rumman and Sheikh Nahiyan, both faculty members at DEH.

Arifa Ghani Rahman, Head of DEH, appreciated the students’ enthusiasm to take on challenging projects to improve their academic competencies. She noted that students’ participation in this program would prepare them for the job market or higher studies. She emphasized that students must take this opportunity head-on and participate in specialized skill-building workshops, higher-level course audits, guided participation in conferences, and other academic pursuits. The orientation was also attended by Ms. Nadia Rahman, Assistant Professor and Coordinator, MA in English Program, along with Ms. Nusrat Tajkia, Lecturer and Coordinator, BA in English Program.

The session concluded with the Scholar students introducing themselves and articulating their reasons for joining the program. Currently, the Scholars Program boasts a cohort of 10 students: Tahosin Tasnim Hoque (192013038), Rowjatun Jannat (212013013), Nafiur Rahman (203013012), Akbar Fida Ononta (211013035), Fatema Aftab Miah (211013016), Marifa Khan (211013012), Nafisa Tasnim (212013005), Rubaiyat Raiyan (211013015), and Mariam Mardia (221013059). Their active participation in the orientation program reflects their commitment to the Scholars Program and their enthusiasm for academic and personal growth.