Concentration Declaration for Summer 2024

Concentration Declaration for Summer 2024

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Department of English & Humanities (DEH)

Concentration Declaration Form Submission Deadline: February 20, 2024

Why is Concentration Declaration Important?

It is important to declare your Concentration so that you are able to register for the specialized courses that align with your interest or future career/higher study goals.

What Concentrations does the Department Offer?

The Department is currently offering Concentrations in the following areas:

  1. Literature and Cultural Studies
  2. Applied Linguistics and TESOL

Eligibility Criteria for Batch 203, 211, 212, 213, 221, 222, 223, 231, and 232:

  1. Completed 87 credits by Spring 2024.
  2. Completed the following 8 GED courses: GEF 1101, GEF 1201, UCC 1101, UCC 1201, UCC 1202, GED Tier I (Arts and Humanities), GED Tier II (Social Sciences), GED Tier III (Natural Sciences)
  3. Completed 19 core ENG courses by Spring 2024.
  4. Must be in their 9th semester after fulfilling the above criteria.

How to Submit the Concentration Declaration Form?

  1. Check the eligibility criteria and determine if you are eligible.
  2. Print your Fall 2023 grade report (email the Registrar's Office or Controller of Examinations Officer Marium Masoom for the PDF copy).
  3. Collect the hard copy of the Concentration Declaration Form from the Department Office.
  4. Contact your advisor for an appointment to discuss your choice. Do not try to meet them right before the deadline.
  5. Consult with your advisor to check if you will be eligible to declare your Concentration this term.Take your Fall 2023  grade report with you.


How to Complete the Form?

  1. Write your full name, ID, phone no., email address, credits completed up to Fall 2023, and your previously declared Minor in the appropriate fields.
  2. Write clearly which Concentration you want to declare (Literature and Cultural Studies OR Applied Linguistics and TESOL)
  3. Sign the form.
  4. Collect your Advisor’s signature and write his/her full name in the Advisor's Name section.
  5. Attach the printed copy of your Fall 2023  grade report.
  6. Submit the completed, signed Concentration Declaration form and the grade report to the DEH office by  February 20, 2024. Concentration declaration forms submitted after the deadline will not be processed.
  7. After verification, the forms will be sent to the Registrar’s Office from the department. Please check your URMS before pre-registration of Summer 2024 to see whether Concentration courses in your chosen area have been offered or not. If not, please contact the BA coordinator.