Report on DEH Student Workshop: Job Hunting and Networking

Report on DEH Student Workshop: Job Hunting and Networking

Publish Date: 
Thursday, March 28, 2024
Department of English & Humanities (DEH), Bachelor of Arts in English, Master of Arts in English

On March 28, 2024, the Department of English and Humanities (DEH) at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) organized a workshop titled “Job Hunting and Networking.” The workshop was designed for the students enrolled in ENG 498, ENG 499, and ENG 413 as well as graduate students to guide them through the process of hunting for jobs and networking. The session was facilitated by Ms. Arifa Ghani Rahman, Head and Associate Professor, Department of English and Humanities.

Ms. Rahman initiated the workshop by asking the students whether they wanted to opt for jobs or higher studies following their graduation. She then explained the complications of the job market and talked about how to be prepared to apply for a job. She asked the students to first understand their own worth and capabilities. After a self-assessment, it is necessary to identify the company or position they would like to be in in the next ten years as well as the type of industry they would like to work in. She explained the steps for students to prepare for job applications, such as building confidence, updating CVs, and creating a professional profile on sites like LinkedIn, or creating a website to showcase all their achievements that cannot be included in a CV. 

Finally, Ms. Rahman stated that one of the important aspects of getting a job is to build a network. Some good ideas to keep in mind are to link with people with similar mindsets or interests, be professional, and also to stay active. She further suggested volunteering as a possible means to build a network and perhaps get a foot in the door of the dream job location. Another positive behavior to build is to keep in touch with past employers and faculty members. Moreover, she mentioned that the students’ minor subjects taken at university can play a huge role in helping fresh graduates get into the job market. When students are ready to apply for jobs, they must have a customized CV, a similarly customized cover letter, and letters of recommendation as needed. These should be ready to send when asked for.

Ms. Rahman, thereafter, provided relevant resources and websites that can help the outgoing students look for jobs in Bangladesh as fresh graduates.

Report by Khondoker Noor Mohammad (202013030)