DEH Summer 2024 Orientation

DEH Summer 2024 Orientation

Publish Date: 
Sunday, June 9, 2024
Department of English & Humanities (DEH), Bachelor of Arts in English, Master of Arts in English

On June 9, 2024, the Department of English and Humanities of ULAB organized the Orientation Program to extend a warm welcome to the incoming MA and BA students of Summer 2024. The event was themed “Eternal Summers” and the Orientation Speaker was DEH alumnus, Mr. Navid Anjum Hasan, Development Specialist at Research Initiatives Bangladesh.

The program was initiated by the host Rumina Ahmed Raka (Batch 233), with a fitting reference to William Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 18”. A video introducing the department to the students followed.

The Head of Department, Ms. Arifa Ghani Rahman initiated the program by welcoming the incoming students. Then she introduced the faculty members of the department briefly. Professor Shamsad Mortuza, Special Advisor to the ULAB Board of Trustees, was present on the occasion and extended his good wishes to the newcomers.

The Orientation Speaker, Mr. Navid Anjum Hasan, in his speech, welcomed the freshers and shared his experiences at the department. He expounded on the sense of belonging that he had found at ULAB, and spoke about how he still holds DEH and all its faculty close to his heart. He shared stories of his student life and how DEH played a huge part in molding his abilities both on campus and his current field of work. Mr. Hasan encouraged freshers to explore the many opportunities that ULAB provides its students and concluded his speech by urging them to hone their academic and social skills through these experiences, as he did with his. Mr. Hasan’s speech also served as a reunion as he had invited a few other alumni to the Orientation. The other alumni joined in from different parts of the world, thanks to the virtual event.

The performances commenced with a beautiful song by Mashiyat Hossain and Ifad Imtiaz of Batch 233, which continued with an energetic dance number by Prity Chanda and Anika Anowar of the same batch.

Ms. Sirajum Munira Joti, Supervisor of the English Zone, ULAB, addressed the incoming students and informed them about the facilities that can be availed at the writing lab.

Afterwards, Kaisarul Islam Rahik, an incoming student, performed a striking original composition. The performance concluded with an entertaining skit about the department by Abdullah Jubair, Anka Nizwa and Towsique Ahmed, Mashiyat Hasan, Sumiya Islam and Sreata Saha of Batch 241.

The program was organized by Batches 232, 233, and 241 with the guidance of their Batch Managers, faculty members Golam Kader Zilany, Jahanara Tariq, Al Mahmud Rumman, and Oliur Rahman Sun.

A recording of the Orientation can be viewed on the DEH YouTube Channel.

Report written by Nafiur Rahman (203013012)