Pathway Program: From ULAB to the University of Portsmouth, UK (Information Session)

Pathway Program: From ULAB to the University of Portsmouth, UK (Information Session)

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Wednesday, July 3, 2024
Department of English & Humanities (DEH), Bachelor of Arts in English, Master of Arts in English

On July 3, 2024, the Department of English and Humanities at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh organized a virtual information session titled “From ULAB to the University of Portsmouth: Pathway Programs,” for students looking to pursue their interest in the field of Language and Applied Linguistics. Speakers from the University of Portsmouth joined the session to provide more information on the offered programs. The speakers were Dr. Lee Oakley, Course Leader for BA (Hons) English Language and Linguistics; Dr. Quyen Tran, Course Leader for MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL; and Dr. Alexandra Prunean, Subject Area Leader for English Language, Linguistics and TESOL.

Pro Vice-Chancellor, ULAB, Prof. Jude William Genilo, inaugurated the session. In his welcome address, Prof. Genilo provided an overview of the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between ULAB and the University of Portsmouth as well as some details about the universities.

Dr. Oakley spoke about the BA in English program offered at the University of Portsmouth. He shared examples of the types of assessments students typically do and provided information about the course breakdown for the two levels students availing the 2+2 model would pursue. He also spoke about the credit system and number of hours students are expected to spend per course. He also mentioned the separate faculty modules, CV preparations, mock job interviews and query related support. He concluded by enunciating on the wide range of career opportunities graduates of the English program have.

Dr. Tran began her session by detailing the MA program and stressed on the benefits of applying to the University of Portsmouth. She introduced their five-member team and provided information about the course structures and time tables. She completed her discussion by mentioning the flexible schedules provided to incoming students. Both Dr. Tran and Dr. Oakley described the university’s setting and physical facilities that students can enjoy.

Dr. Prunean, who coordinated the session on behalf of UoP, thanked the speakers and opened the floor for questions. Md. Nuruzzaman, Regional Manager of Bangladesh at University of Portsmouth, assisted in answering the student queries. He also provided information on scholarships offered and the requirements needed to apply that were beyond the purview of the MoA. Prof. Kaiser Haq, Dean, School of Arts and Humanities, and Ms. Jennifer Hossain, Consultant, International Affairs, ULAB, also participated in responding to questions related to the pathway program.

The session ended with Ms. Arifa Ghani Rahman, Head of the Department at ULAB, expressed her appreciation to everyone and encouraged interested students to avail the Pathway Program to the University of Portsmouth, UK. Dr Prunean also extended her best wishes to the students.

The Information Session can be viewed on the DEH YouTube Channel.

Report by Tarannum Ahmed (231013042)